Apr 16, 2013

About Katherine Anne Thomas

After graduating from the Alberta College of Art & Design in 2013, Katherine found it difficult to obtain enough studio space to work on weavings, and her creative outlet turned to Aromatherapy. She started to study the art of perfuming; its rich history and relationship to alchemy, witchcraft and feminist study.

Soon, Katherine fell deeply in love with the natural world, staying up late at night memorizing methods of obtaining extracts and mixing up different combinations of scents. 

Her fine art practice always seems to focus on her relationships with others, and the impact that they have on her emotional state. These relationships Katherine cultivates with other human beings are a powerful creative tool that drives the work she creates.

Utilizing the process of weaving to make soft sculptures, Katherine's work recalls the tactile, push/pull urge to touch the seemingly untouchable (art objects). Having an art practice that is as multi-faceted as her perfumes is important, whether it is miniature baskets made of human hair, performance art or scent installations.

Katherine is now working as an Aromatherapist and Instructor at the Apothecary in Inglewood, as a hired perfumer to create signature blends for installations, and a perfumer for Evocatif, her own line of natural fragrances.