Oct 29, 2016

August! September! October! November?

I've been working super hard, building up supplies and trying to work up the courage to get myself branded! I finally hired a designer to make me business cards, and help with some label design and get things really moving. Finally.

My job was to figure out the different sort of perfume types and ingredients found therein, the problem being every single body on this earth wants to smell like something different. Don't get me wrong, that is a beautiful part of the process, I love people and their opinions. The one thing they seem to unanimously agree upon is that I always smell good. Haha!

I'm super stoked because I haven't been this inspired to create things or formulate ideas for ages. I want to order my bottles soon, and make all of the spreadsheets & stuff. Wow, this is really, really happening.


I blame this one human that told me to stop making excuses, and genuinely believes in me. He's the impetus for all of this, with his support and positive attitude and smiling and thoughtfulness. Sigh. Also my best friend telling me that I shouldn't undersell myself and that regardless of packaging, this product is effing PREMIUM. 

okay, enough crying and snorfling. I love my life, sometimes. The mental health shizz is up, down and all around. ;) taking it one day at a time. xxooxx

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