Goes Through Me is my graduating piece of artwork that will be showcased in the Grad Show of May 2013. 

Your absence has gone through me

Like a thread through a needle

Everything I do

Is stitched with its color

-W.S Merwin, “Separation

I am a fairly romantic individual, and when I read this poem, it resonated so deeply within me that it became the framework to build my grad piece on. I created this piece in response to an emotional upheaval I recently experienced. I lost  a person very close to me and felt betrayed and abandoned by them. This poem conveys in words what I sought to convey in a weaving: the loneliness, slow-creeping and subtly aggressive.

I utilized red (madder) to imply a body, a vein, or organic tissue and enable the viewer to understand that the vertical weaving can be a metaphor for the body. This vertical weaving is acting upon the larger, yet more passive weaving displayed on the floor, running through it, taking it over. This aggressive take over by the red thread is a metaphor for the lack of control I experience with my emotions. 

I find myself overwhelmed by my feelings often, and this piece speaks to my struggle to accept this about myself and find balance. The feeling that took me over completely was the distinct sense that someone was missing from me, and it colored my life.