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Oct 28, 2013

Solo Show October 31st 2013

I will be having the opening reception for my solo show, Soft Comprehension; Relational Bodies at the Marion Nicoll Gallery (that is within the Alberta College of Art and Design) on October 31st 2013 from 5pm - 8pm. Food and drink will be provided.

This solo show is the result of a year's worth of self-reflection and self-discovery. The relationships in my life are prone to changing and are also subject to being overanalyzed to death. This process is a bloody, and drawn-out internal battle and these red pieces of cloth are the result of this inner emtional turmoil. These weavings forget themselves, they forget that they were ever thread at all and instead become veins and tissue, human and capable of coming to an end.

I wanted to create work that would make people aware of their bodies, of the redness in those bodies and of the inevitable change all relationships experience over time.

I would love to share a conversation with any and all of you about my show, so come out and celebrate with me this Thursday at the MNG.

- Katherine

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