Apr 26, 2015

BassCoast 2015 and summer plans

Hey folks-- It's been awhile! I feel as though I've been waking up out of an art hangover/coma. 

I have excellent news for you all- I was accepted by BassCoast to be an installation artist for the festival this year! It feels so wonderful to have affirmation and to begin sharing my art again.

This installation will focus on my love of perfuming as well as interactive play and the act of discovery. I've been to music festivals before and I was always hoping that I would find a little magical secret, a present left there for me from some kind stranger. Unfortunately as fate would have it, I didn't happen upon any suprises. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and share the gifts I've been blessed with.

I'll be placing (and re-placing) little hand-dyed bags full of rose buds, a vial of perfume and piece of fragrant wood at designated locations all around the festival for people to discover. There will be one hundred bags spread out over four days of the festival for lucky people to find.

Right now I'm working on the more intense mental aspects of the project - exact measurements for making enough perfume, ordering supplies, and making sure that the bags themselves will be noticeable, and enticing to take.

Check out my IG for photo updates!